Truckers, Job Shortages, And Why Complicated = Hard

What came first – the trucker shortage or the trucker job shortage?

In the business world, everyone is focused on supply chains and inflation right now. All of the people who were armchair epidemiologists at the start of the pandemic are suddenly armchair logistics experts now.

I’m not here to say who’s right and who’s wrong, but I am here to say most media headlines aren’t giving credit to just how complicated the situation is.

It’s a great reminder: For every headline we read which we know to be wrong, there’s another person saying the same thing about any headline we believe to be right.

Alana Semuels at Time has a great piece up exploring the nuance in the trucker situation. If you’re curious, give this a read.

Even if you don’t care about this specific story, take the reminder: when you see a complex system, beware of simple explanations.

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