Two Types Of Trust

David Burkus has a fascinating post up about the “Two Types of Trust on Teams.” 

Here’s the short version:

Trust is what enables teams to work well together. 

More trust = better, less trust = worse. 

The two types of trust worth focusing on (and building/rebuilding) are Cognition-based trust and Affect-based trust. 

Cognition-based trust is all about knowing your teammates are competent and reliable. 

Affect-based trust is all about how the team cares about each other as people, wanting to see each person succeed, beyond (!) the purposes of the team itself. 

Good teams get Cognition-based trust right. But great teams venture on into building Affect-based trust. 

Great teams don’t just serve the project, but serve the people – as people – beyond the bounds of the team. 

Read the full post and see the data behind the insights here.

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