Tyrell’s Chips Tyrrellbly Studyable Ad Campaign

Advertising guru Dave Trott shared this Tyrell’s Chips ad with this comment:

This campaign mentions all the product points, with a really well branded line, and the graphics exactly match the pack. Look it up on YouTube, this is how you do a campaign of short 10 & 20 spots imho.

Watch this video (10 or 20 times like I did? Maybe you’ll catch it all faster). 

Think about the words. Think about the images. Think about the colors. Think about the pacing. Think about how they all relate. 

Think about how every fiber of this message cohabitates within the medium chosen.

When we describe our business, with our without a fancy presentation, our goal should be to communicate our image and experience to our prospective buyers this clearly. 

Remarkable work. You’ve got to see it: