Understanding Aspirations To Drive Sales

How you position your client’s aspirations is the most critical driver of your sales. 

This Ash Ambirge (the middle finger project) quote nails it,

When the lottery wants to boost ticket sales, they don’t raise the odds. They raise the jackpot. Why? Because people don’t buy odds, they buy dreams. 

What does your client want? 

Beyond the results, why do they want whatever the results project – to themselves and others?

I was talking to a friend whose company focuses on educating their clients about their fancy research, programming, and mathematical work. 

The key to their growth is in seeing how their clients want to look (external) and feel (internal) smart. 

Education is always going to work for them, because their clients are always going to be people excited to say, “look at this smart thing I learned,” to themselves and maybe even to their friends and families. 

I’ve got a feeling that the more they lean into creating the aspirational air of smarts, the more their sales will continue to grow. 

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