Vlatko’s “You Made It” USWNT Videos

The US Women’s National Team is about to ship off for a World Cup. 

Over the past years and decades really, the top-notch player pool keeps growing for the team. And with hot streaks, injuries, and all the normal drama of being a professional athlete, there’s as much art as there is science to who makes the cut for a World Cup roster.  

Which translates to supreme joy OR supreme heartache for the players on announcement day. 

Because despite 100s being eligible and on the radar, every four years – only 23 players get called up to the World Cup

In what is both a brilliant piece of marketing and a beautiful piece of art – Coach Vlatko Andonovski has been Facetiming each player to personally break the news. 

The good news is being captured and shared.  

If you want (or need) to watch someone personally experience a win, search “USWNT The Call” and check these videos out. 

As a sample here’s one of my favorites with veteran Kelly O’Hara. 

Warning: these all hit me emotionally very hard, which is the magic of this series, and they might do the same for you. I go zero-to-cry in record time on these, in all the good ways.