Want To Be Different? Punctuate The Points In The Process

A simple yet brilliant marketing point from Christopher Lochhead:

A demarcation point in language, creates a demarcation point in thinking, creates a demarcation point in action, consumption, and behavior.

Our word choice matters because it influences our thinking. Our thinking matters because it influences how we pick the choices we make. Points made with specific words and intentional metaphors to guide the thought process help guide our customers to where we want them to land. We have to punctuate the key points in our process.

What are our demarcation points? Where are the mile markers in our introductions, conversations, and conclusions where we differentiate our work?

The classic car salesmen stereotype might make a point to label his cars “pre-owned” instead of “used.” They will emphasize the “great deal” and “fair price” over labeling something as “cheap.” The price negotiation will be extra performative to build tension towards “it took some extra effort, but we made this work,” not “I can’t believe it took me that long to get out of there.”

Framing starts with our questions, continues with the metaphors we use in our processes, and ends with the feelings we leave clients with, in our conclusions. Demarcate each. Punctuate the points. This is how we show how we are different. It’s too important to be unintentional.

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