We Had Better Do Something: “This Isn’t A Fire Drill, It’s The Fyre Festival”

“This isn’t a fire drill, it’s the Fyre Festival.”

-Wags (from Showtime’s Billions)


We practice, we prepare, we drill. Sometimes everything that can go wrong goes wrong – Fyre Festivals happen – and somebody needs to call in the pros.


There are few people more valuable than those that can come in, sort out the details, and put everything on track. 


It doesn’t require we’re able to resolve something at a Fyre Festival scale, but even the tech support people who ask, “did you try turning it off and back on again” are occasionally all we need. 


We run the drills so we can step in to solve the problems. We just have to pay enough attention to notice the problems we can help with. Show up and take action – it’s where ALL of the value is.


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