Weakness And Ignorance Are Not Barriers To Survival, But Arrogance Is

Liu Cixin’s Three-Body trilogy may be science fiction, but it’s not just for sci-fi nerds. If you like game theory, markets, geopolitics, world-building, or creativity – this is a modern masterpiece. 

One non-sci-fi quote that will stick with me:

Weakness and ignorance are not barriers to survival, but arrogance is. 

The weak can get by. 

The ignorant can get by. 

The dumb and dumber and worse can live long lives, creeping out of the the cracks of society. 

It’s because they find a way. 

With a little smarts, you can do even better. But with a little smarts comes a little risk, and with a little risk may come a little reward, and a little reward just might get to your head. 

The minute you think you’ve got it figured out, gravity is waiting to teach you a lesson. 

And this is a truth, perhaps on every scale. Even at the universe level. Seriously, check these books out (or who knows, maybe the Netflix series will be OK too). 

Slow down. Stay humble. 

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