We’re Going To Have To Make Some Changes

We can either change the thing we do OR change the way we do it.
Professionally, we can either change careers OR change the way we do our work. 
With clients (and others), we can either help uncover brand new paths OR find new ways to walk down the old ones.
There are natural limits we’ll come across and they often determine which choice we’ll want to take. We can think of it as testing the change for positive indications that we should press farther.
A janitor may not be able to start cooking on the job. If she wants to be a chef, the limitations of her job may require she stops being a janitor. However, what if the janitor brought food – to share with others – to work? She’ll find out pretty quickly, via direct feedback, how viable the chef path could be. 
There are always limits and there are always options. Value creation comes from forward motion. “We’re going to have to make some changes” might sound scary at first, but it’s one the most exciting statements we can make. 

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