What Are The Odds?

What are the odds?

80% fat free is still 20% fat.

80% of those things sticking off of your palm are fingers, 20% is thumb.

A 70% chance of a Hillary Clinton victory still left a 30% chance of a Trump victory.

About 70% of the week is a weekday, while the other 30% is the weekend.

A 5% risk of a recession is a 95% chance of no-recession.

Would you bend over to pick up 5 pennies as quickly as you would bend over to pick up a dollar bill?

Percentages and probabilities are tricky. Rearrange your perspective, and try to consider alternate angles with alternate analogies. You might be surprised by how your understanding changes.

Did someone give it a thumbs chance?

Does it happen as often as the weekend?

How many pennies are worth bending over for?

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