What Comes Between Woo-Hoo and Waaaaaa?!

In my day to day, sometimes I only see the big stuff. The big wins, the terrible losses, the sound and the fury, the agony and the ecstasy. 

The big stuff tends to stop us in our tracks and make us reflect for a moment. The little stuff often gets overlooked. Because who has time for that? 

So instead of purely operating from the Homeric “Woo-Hoo” to the cry-baby’s “Waaaaa,” I’m trying to introduce a little more nuance into my intra-day reflections. 

From henceforth:

Narrow misses get a brow swiping *whew*

Narrow wins get a confident sigh of *woo*

Big stuff? As you were. You deserve big reactions. 

But the lesser gradients of grey – I’m going to try and focus on feeling more and glossing over less. 

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