What Leaders Do (And Managers Don’t) In Unstable Times

A little wisdom from Seth Godin on how to lead during tough times (you know, like during global pandemics, hot wars, cold wars, and recessions for example):

In unstable times, growth comes from leaders who create change and engage their organizations, instead of from managers who push their employees to do more for less. 

Let’s break that down – 

Growth comes from those who are willing to adapt to a changing environment, throw out the bad, focus on the new, and do so by asking their people what’s working, listening (!), and encouraging them to act as a whole on whatever the biggest opportunities are. 

The counter is that stagnation (or worse) happens when managers stick to “the way we always did things,” fail to listen to their people – especially when there’s disagreement – and then happlessly grind forward out of stubbornness. 

We’ve all seen it. 

Take Godin’s formula and lead with it. 

ps. read Tribes

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