What’s Your Trojan Horse?

You’ve got the message in your head. You know who needs to get it. But, you also know there’s a wall – literally and/or figuratively – standing in between you and your stated purpose. You need a Trojan horse.

You need one just like the Greeks need one to get behind the walls of Troy. You need the gift that gains you entrance.

It might be:

An irresistible email subject line

A hand-written and personalized note

A traffic-stopping piece of news or information

Either way, you’ve got to figure it out and implement it.

No Trojan horse = no winning the war.

You have to come up with something they want or at least are curious enough about to accept.

Once you’re behind the wall, the rest of the work is easy. Building and designing your Trojan horse, that’s often the hardest part.