When It Rains, Get Wet

RZA said one of the best pieces of advice he ever heard came from Quincy Jones: “When it rains, get wet.”

If something good is happening, partake.

And not “good” meaning perfect, or positive, or not confusing, but… natural.

Don’t grab an umbrella, don’t run inside, don’t hide from the tide – if it starts raining, go get wet.

When RZA realized what was working as he put the Wu-Tang Clan together, he doubled, tripled, and quadrupled down as it started to take off.

When we look at our own work, we want to look for signs. Sometimes we can hide from it, especially if it’s falling from the sky and isn’t exactly what we were expecting. It’s all too easy to duck inside or grab an umbrella.

Or, when we see those drops starting to fall, we can see the rain as rain, and go get wet.

RZA gave an inspired interview talking about his career/journey on the Men in Blazers podcast. Rog’s fandom is nothing short of delightful (seriously, if anyone else were to read me RZA quotes besides RZA, it may as well be Rog). Give it a listen and give yourself a smile. Then go get wet.

ps. I’m also hearing this song in a whole new light after hearing him serve up that Quincy Jones quote…

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