When Some People Love It But Your Idols Hate It

Kara Swisher has a story about introducing the YouTube creators/Star Wars nerds to George Lucas at a conference. As quickly as they could say they loved his work, Lucas said, “Oh, so you’re the people who post videos of people throwing puppies into highways. Congratulations, you’ve killed cinema.” They looked understandably deflated so he suggested they at least donate some money to “the cause,” which they did.

YouTube has been pretty successful. When some people love it, there will always be a few people who don’t. If there aren’t, we’re not doing it right. The stance shouldn’t be pro or anti “throwing puppies onto highways” but it should be “this is great” vs. “I don’t get it” vs. “ugh, I hate that.”

So long as we have the “this is great” crowd, we’re onto something.

Even if our idols are in the “I hate it” crowd.

Especially if the people with the most to lose have the strongest negative reaction.

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