When You FINALLY Make It (Wrexham FC Edition)

This video captures the most emotional breath you’ll (likely) see all day. 

What you’re seeing is Rob McElhenney and Ryan Reynolds simultaneously exhale as the final whistle blows and the team they bought 2 years ago, Wrexham Football Club, officially clinches promotion for next season. 

It’s victory on so many levels. For them, the Wrexham community, and them again (because let’s face it, they have A LOT of money riding on this not getting worse). 

You can’t fake the weight of this breath. 

We do big things to feel things like this. 

Watching the stadium erupt, the crowd pour onto the field, and them embrace – I must have watched it 45 times already. 

The wait and the weight, whistled and lifted off, in one magnificent breath. 

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