When You Name It, You Frame It

“When you name something you frame something.” – Christopher Lochhead

Specifics make an idea stand out subconsciously in our minds. The simple act of naming something can add automatic clarity to its description.

“Some guy said,” isn’t as good as, “My crazy uncle Gary said.”

“Just look it up” isn’t as clear as, “Take out your iPhone and Google it.”

“I want a beer,” isn’t as intriguing as, “I could really go for some Treehouse right now.”

When we frame it, we create space around it. A name differentiates what we’re talking about from anything else.

Professionally, this applies to the otherwise generic names of meetings, products, systems, tools, etc.

If it deserves emphasis, or to be remembered, or to be internalized, or to stand out, or to make a point – give it a name.

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