Who You Surround Yourself With Matters (A Lot. Just Ask The Sex Pistols)

Who you surround yourself with matters. A lot. It’s connected with the expression, “timing is everything” too. Because if you’re surrounded with people doing good (and potentially great) things, your odds of being in the right place at the right time goes up exponentially.

One of my favorite examples/reminders is this recreation of a 1976 concert in England called “The Gig That Changed The World.”

The Sex Pistols, then a fairly new act, played a small gig to a small crowd and simultaneously launched the British punk movement and the post-punk movement that would follow two years later.


It turns out everybody in that room was a near-nobody inspired to become a somebody by what they saw.

The people in the crowd didn’t all know each other. They weren’t there for a stated purpose. It wasn’t a conference or a master class or a Continuing Education event. It was a bunch of curious people looking for a movement and that’s exactly what they found.

We can surround ourselves with just anybody, or we can find our peers on the journey we want to be on.

Here’s a recreation from the classic movie, 24 Hour Party People: