Why A Dutch Soccer Club Melted Their Championship Trophy

The COVID pandemic blew up a lot of communities. Across Europe in particular, the tradition of gathering to watch your local soccer (football) team play once or twice a week savaged towns and family traditions alike. Games still happened, but in quiet stadiums on a television. And, if your team wins the league and there’s no one present to see them do it… how do you celebrate?

Dutch team Ajax found themselves with that dilemma. What’s a win with no fans? Plus, how do you celebrate it? How do you quietly share what’s supposed to be a time of street parties and parades with your people?

Well, here’s how they decided to do it: by melting down the championship trophy, molding it into tiny stars, and gifting them to all of their season ticket holders that were unable to see them play or win in person.

What. A. Beautiful. Gesture.

Just because we can’t celebrate in the old way doesn’t mean we can’t find a new way to celebrate. And, who knows – maybe like Ajax, the new way can be even more impactful and memorable.