Why Teams Bond (And How They Can Bond Stronger)

In my great tradition of watching things way after seemingly everyone else but me has seen them, I just got into Friday Night Lights. Yes, that means inevitably there will be a “clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose” post in the near future, but as of right now, I’m thinking of it (a lot) in terms of team culture building.

All of the practices. All of the wins. All of the losses. All of the shared and complete social experiences that make a team bond. This show keeps them front and center between not just the teammates, but within their friendships, personal relationships, and families.

What it is NOT is, it’s…

Not a ropes course.

Not a zoom happy hour.

Not a “happy (insert obligatory event) day” card.

David Burkus has the best line for this:

Team building isn’t an activity, it’s a habit.

Just like the Dillon Panthers or any of the other storylines, team building happens when everyone shows up, keeps showing up, and stays committed to clear and common goals. On the field or around the kitchen table.

One activity alone does not make a culture. One activity or one highlight or one of anything doesn’t really matter. The ongoing activities, executed as habits, are the magic formula to making good teams into great teams.

Do take a minute and read Burkus’ full post, “Team Building Isn’t An Activity.”

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