Would You Look At This Billboard?!

You’re flying down the highway, looking at the dashed lines flippbooking by, marveling at the sky just taking up all that space, and BAM – no, not an accident, you’re safe in this scenario, but a billboard snaps your brain out of everything.

My buddy Robert Lucas saw this billboard and had something like that experience recently:

And, because Robert’s also a brilliant marketer, he had this insight (which you would have read if you were already signed up for his excellent newsletter):

I didn’t take a picture of any other billboard we passed.

But this one was so different from all the others — that I had to snag a picture.

In one sense — the billboard didn’t work, because I don’t plan on going to church anytime soon in hopes of outrunning the Devil(!).

But in another sense…

It was incredibly effective, because here I am — telling you about it.

There’s a reason they say the medium is the message. That billboard is as wrapped up and connected to the physical space it occupies as it is to space on our brain it wants to tattoo itself on for later.

Whatever work you’re doing, ask yourself: does it stand out like a good (crazy?!) billboard on a highway?

Will it get noticed? Will somebody remember it? Will they remind themselves about it later? Would they tell someone else about it?

Ask the billboard question about:

That email.

That ask.

That best man’s speech.

Make it stand out. Make it memorable. Make it worth talking about, even after you pass it at 70 miles per hour.

Because if you do those things, you’ll make it work.

Ps. Below is one of my favorite billboards ever because of the way it nails (kills! slays! epitomizes!) reframing how the presenting company is different from the competition. Behold the glory by which McDonalds tells you everything you need to know about the Burger Kings in the area:

Remember those old mapquest printouts to get you places in a post-AAA map, pre-smartphone? Classic.

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