You Can’t Talk About Markets Without Talking About Marketing

No price exists without a story. 

No transaction happens without a story. 

Actually, stories. Plural. No price, no transaction, no anything – without stories. 

Which is why this statement is so important:

You can’t talk about markets without talking about marketing.  

The buyer decides a price makes sense. A variation of the decision process occurs for the seller. Another layer occurs for whoever else is involved, on either side or both.

A series of quotes and transactions is a series of stories being told. Throw a pebble in a pond and watch the ripple. Past prices are echoes of past stories and you can’t separate the two.  

Markets to display what’s happening. Marketing to explain it, never without some amount of bias. And it’s a feature, not a bug – so long as you believe in progress.

We still believe in progress. Right? 


Then we can’t talk about markets of any kind (stocks, real estate, politics, sports, middle school cafeteria cliques, et. al) without talking about marketing.

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