You Don’t Need The Right Answer, Just The Mostly Right Answer

A reminder about “the right answer.”

In most areas, there is no “right” answer. 

There are, however, a bunch of mostly right answers. And, there are a ton of mostly wrong answers too. In between? You’ll find a football field worth of graded yard lines between the theoretical goal posts. 

A professional knows how to avoid the mostly bad and keep people moving forward with mostly right solutions. 

Not one-size-fits-all every time. Not “reach the endzone or there are no points.” 

In most cases, we just can’t one-size solve a perfect solution and that’s OK. 

The people we seek to serve don’t need the one right answer. They only need the most right answer that works for them (and to avoid the mostly-wrong to wrong minefield of course).

Help your people choose humbly and accordingly. 

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