You’re Not Creative (Yes You Are, I Have Proof)

You’re not creative, you work in finance. Or plumbing. Or both (portfolio managers, I see you). 

Yes you are creative though. And I have proof. Ok, maybe it’s Natalie Nixon who does, but I am the ever-translating messenger here:  

I define creativity as the ability to toggle between wonder and rigor in order to solve problems and to deliver novel value. And I see inquiry, improvisation and intuition as the practices that increase those capacities.

If you can toggle between 




And solve a problem, delivering novel value – 

You. are. Creative

You, yourself, in control of the essence of the making process. 

Never getting stuck in wonder, despite being inspired by your curiosity. 

Never getting stuck in rigor, despite getting it done. 

In service to solving problems/delivering novel value. 

With all the inquiry, improvisation, and intuition skills that come with the habits formed along the way. 

Authentically creative, to your authentic self. 

Whether you’re a finance person, a plumber, or a(n) ______. 

It’s settled. You’re *officially* creative. No backsies.