A few of my most-popular posts to get you started, with a quick explanation of each:

Why You Need A Personal Archive And How To Start One. A personal library is not a journal, a second brain, or a library. Starting mine changed my life, relationships, and career. Yes, for the better. This post is a plea for you to start one too. It may be the most important thing I’ve ever written. (Ps. check out the ever-growing list of “Personal Archive” posts too).

Be A Goldfish (Sound Advice From Ted Lasso). Why the happiest animal on earth has the shortest memory and what it can teach us about the significance of being present. “The secret to happiness isn’t living in the shadow of the judgment of others, it’s finding comfort in the fishbowl of happiness we create for ourselves.”

Process Saves Us From The Poverty Of Our Intentions. It’s a quote from the sculptor, Elizabeth King, referenced by one of my influences for starting this site, Seth Godin. This about how doing the work you need to do will save you (see the first post on this page), and why doing what you love is for amateurs, but loving what you do is for professionals.

Virgil Abloh’s 3% Rule. Virgil taught us that just a 3% change can confer ownership. You’ll want to remember this for making your own notes. Profound permission.

Salt Shaker Theory. Danny Meyer’s personal leadership journey starts and ends with setting tables. Good enough for a world famous restaurateur, good enough for me. This lesson forever altered the way I see business standards.

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BONUS: This is one of my favorite recorded conversations I’ve done. It’s on the topic of “Authentic Creativity” and wraps a lot of these topics together. See the Contact and Follow page for more podcasts too.