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Need a place to start? On this episode we discuss the rise of “financial nihilism” in online gambling, options trading, and crypto markets - especially across the younger demographics, and connect it all the way back to critical lessons we can use to bring some hope back into the world, based on an 80s music documentary (give this one a shot):

2 Quants and A Financial Planner (on the Excess Returns channel) features Matt Zeigler (Cultish Creative, as “the planner”) alongside quant-investors Justin Carbonneau and Jack Forehand (Validea Capital) making sense of how professional investors make personal decisions alongside their clients.

Here’s a great starting episode discussing if fundamental investing is “broken” (spoiler, it’s not, BUT markets sure evolved with the rise of passive investment vehicles):

And soon, on Epsilon Theory - “The Intelligent Investor” (preview!)