How To Know If It’s “Creative” Work

How you'll know if it’s creative work: you can’t do it perfectly. You can’t write the perfect message, play the song exactly right, fully nail the presentation, crush teaching the class, figure out where the blender looks best on the countertop, etc. Maybe you think “they” can. But that’s not how creativity works, it’s how … Continue reading How To Know If It’s “Creative” Work

Sunday Music: Grapefruit Moon

grapefruit moon over CT

It’s good to have a reason to stop and stare at the sky. The moon has been putting in some serious work this week (at least over me in New England). “Harvest Moon” would be the obvious song to sing, but I’ve been subjecting my dogs on our evening walks to renditions of “Grapefruit Moon” … Continue reading Sunday Music: Grapefruit Moon

Podcast Of The Week: Don’t Bite The Hook

It's a 3-hour long audiobook and not a podcast, but it's my newsletter and I'll cry (or post, or write) what I want to. Pema Chodron's Don't Bite The Hook is a lecture she gave on not getting triggered by the frustrating crap in our lives. At first, it feels like it's about addiction, anger, … Continue reading Podcast Of The Week: Don’t Bite The Hook

Help (I Need Some Continuum)

There's a continuum to helping. If you want to be helpful, it helps to know where you're coming from. On one end is the bad samaritan. They see and don't help. We'll assume that's not what you're looking to do, but we have to acknowledge it exists. Next is the non-judging-but-passively-listening friend. This is good … Continue reading Help (I Need Some Continuum)

The Modern (Hu)man’s Juggle

Dylan at Growth Currency (@growthcurrency) recently asked a question about juggling a primary job with side gigs... AND family AND everything else BUT without burning out. You should read his notes on the topic here (including a snip from yours truly - thanks Dylan). Dylan's thoughts made me reflect on just how often I've had … Continue reading The Modern (Hu)man’s Juggle

What’s Worse Is Not To Try At All (Ted Lasso Wisdom)

OK, I'm about to set the stage, spoiler-lessly (?), for a scene from Ted Lasso (Season 2, ep. 9). Sam, our character who learned in Season 1 to "be a goldfish" is evolving. Beautifully. After a humiliating loss, he gives this speech in a post-match interview: It’s tough. I feel sorry that we let the … Continue reading What’s Worse Is Not To Try At All (Ted Lasso Wisdom)