Art As A Legacy Asset

You made money to let them inherit, but did you make any... art?

Art As A Legacy Asset

Money is a means to an end. Not an end. Just a means. 

“When something happens to me, my kids will have THAT [the art, the music I created], the absolute best of me, and that’s everything to me.”

Morgan Ranstrom told Bogumil Baranowski THAT. And it got me thinking. 

If time is your most valuable asset, then where you spend or invest your time becomes your most important choice. 

Spend it all at “work” and what have you got - maybe a collection of employee of the month plaques and a “here I saved this for you” inheritance?

It’s not a revelation. Just a reframing.

There’s something special of thinking about genuine, non-fungible, maybe even non-valuable creations, made with meaning and heart that you wish to be your legacy in the world. 

You’d work really hard to pass something valuable on, but valuable how? valuable - why?

Art makes people feel.

If you’re thinking about how you want others to feel, you’re thinking about art.

In inheritance/legacy terms, death is focusing.

Ps. can’t emphasize this enough - I’m not talking about elementary school macaroni art. Write something down. Record something. Ideally, don’t take up too much space (murals on city walls = ok, 8 foot portraits of the dog, see macaroni art comment and really ask the question of how or why is this valuable to who I am making it for). 

Pss. how do all of the “means” - the money, the jobs, the friends - get expressed in values we pass on, in a time beyond our limited, challenging, tiny existences? Don’t have an existential crisis on me. But think about it and maybe watch this: