Bogumil Baranowski Is An Intentional Investor

from communist Poland to multigenerational wealth

Bogumil Baranowski Is An Intentional Investor

If you grew up in one world and watched it totally transform, somewhere in your middle-school years, how would that impact you?

Bogumil Baranowski began his life in communist Poland during the early 1980s. He thought everybody walked with their grandparents to pick up food vouchers. He thought everybody, in the whole world, lived life like the way he was living it. 

It’s the beauty of being a kid. The focused perspective. Not the lack of it so much, just the sheer focus of it. 

In 1991 the first democratic elections in years took place. By 1993, the last post-Soviet troops were gone too. The local world was changing, the global world was changing, and so was Bogumil’s life. 

I’m fascinated by stories like this. 

The earned appreciation of who raised him in what type of environment. 

The studied reality of the world cracking open, and getting to learn how others grew up and why they’re different from you. 

The almost instinctual focus on needing to find ways to preserve wealth, freedoms, and relationships in a future when you hold all these memories in your past. 

We captured a conversation about Bogumil’s journey in this recording of The Intentional Investor. 

It’s a conversation about investing in a life worth celebrating, from the ground up. This isn’t an investing podcast, it’s a life podcast. Please,

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