Flying To, Flying From

I'll Fly Away From vs. I'll Fly Away To

Flying To, Flying From

There’s a blip in the CBS road trip to places your parents said “no” to episode where we hear a duo singing “I’ll Fly Away.”

It’s a favorite hymn of mine, and I’ve written about it before here

But the special, and whether or not they chose the song for the metaphor, got into my brain, 

Someday I’ll fly away from is one thing. Leaving it behind. Graciously. 

But fly away to is another. Getting either back to what’s behind or what’s ahead. Graciously, as well. 

And that’s part of the beauty of the song. 

I’ll fly away just means away from this present and into another. 

How gracious we can be to allow ourselves to choose, to allow ourselves to be chosen. 

Ps. Still my two favorites: