Lessons Learned In Mosh Pits

Just Press Record with Angie Colee and Dave Nadig

Lessons Learned In Mosh Pits (Just Press Record with Angie Colee and Dave Nadig)

Going FROM the person others expect us to be, and TO becoming the people we actually are - that’s kind of everything right there. 

And a mosh pit is about as much a metaphor for life as I can imagine. 

Which is why I needed to record this conversation with Angie Colee and Dave Nadig

Angie’s a marketer and marketing coach with a music background and a penchant for communicating with crystal clear conviction. 

Dave’s a financial futurist and all-round curiosity-seeker who can contextualize… anything? Yeah. Anything. 

For the non-slam-dancers out there, the mosh pit is the sometimes scary-looking, almost fight of a dance at a concert. 

Dave and Angie have been in and around their fair share of them. 

The officially unofficial rules of mosh pits, according to Angie, and agreed upon by Dave and Matt, are:

  1. If a person wants in, let them in,

  2. If a person wants out, let them out, and

  3. If a person falls down, pick them up. 

It’s on an individual if they choose to put themselves into a mosh pit. 

Anyone is welcome to try, but if they can’t hang, that’s what rules #2 and #3 are for. 

Which applies to a whole lot of life. 

It’s a mess out there. It’s tough. It’s rough. 

And - not everybody plays by the rules. 

Which is really what this conversation turned into. 

We go into the world, we have to find and uphold our own rules/ethics, and we have to not forget others will not abide by those same rules. 

But, the others who don’t want to follow the rules don’t have to break us too. 

They expect us to be the kind of person they can break. We have to rise above (extra Black Flag), and into the people, professionals, and personas we actually are. 

I loved this conversation so much - they brought the stories for this one!