Sunday Music: “3 Speed” by Eels

"life is funny, but not haha funny"

Sunday Music: “3 Speed” by Eels

Back in the days of AOL Instant Messenger away messages, one of my all-timers was “Life is funny, but not haha funny.”

I still quote it to myself all of the time. 

Life is “peculiar, I guess.” 

It’s odd. 

In all the ways. 

And we don’t have to laugh in the face of life, but it’s better to laugh with it than be laughed at by it. 

It’s just sometimes it feels like it’s mocking us.

“Why won’t you just tell me what’s going on?”

Life won’t tell you anything. But it’ll show you some stuff. And that’s always going to be funny, but not always haha funny, and no other song captures that truth in quite this way for me, to this day.

Consider this my audio-AIM away message always:

ps. this whole album still blows me away. I like a lot of E’s catalogue, but this is “the one” for me. Also, one of the best shows I ever saw in my life was in late 2003, in Northampton, MA, when a freak blizzard effectively trapped <50 people in a small club with the band and they played for hours. Magical.