Cultish Creative Weekly (6/15/2024)

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Cultish Creative Weekly (6/15/2024)

Daniel Crosby came on The Intentional Investor this week - I know the boundary lessons are the big ones (on top of his almost-out new book, The Soul of Wealth), but come on - give me more behavioral psychologists who played in punk rock bands. Please. This was such a fun conversation:

Jack Forehand and I also had fun riffing on our own version of Cory Hoffstein’s “15 Ideas, Frameworks, and Lessons from 15 Years.” I said it online too, but it bears repeating - it’s really, really, really hard to make a list like this and not say the same thing 8x. Cory did it (no surprise), and even if we didn’t get to talk about all of them, we had fun.

I’m still messed up over the Albini stuff… here’s a look at The Remixing of Nirvana’s In Utero, with a lesson in retaining authenticity at scale (and it ain’t easy).

After a week in Nashville, I came back with a renewed focus. This is a personal post, and an important one. Read it if you missed it, Boundaries, Books, And Getting Better.

Just do good work. Work you’re proud of. Work you’d want somebody to do for you. That’s it. Less Fluff.

This is not me ending on a downer, but it is me saying Universe 25 feels extra important. Gioia’s retelling of the 60s mice utopia experiment and drawing parallels to humans, AI, and now (re: June, 2024) - I’m a little shook. Seeing the anomie and anemoia parallels is going to stick with me for while.

ps. I’m still an optimist. Notes from Nashville coming out soon. Take care of each other.