Cultish Creative Weekly Recap (7/5/2024)

CBT, RIP, and Nudity

Cultish Creative Weekly Recap (7/5/2024)

How often do you get to talk about life lessons learned at rock concerts with a copywriting coach and a financial futurist? 

How often does a conversation about creativity get into ego-dissolution and why all creative acts are acts of co-creation?

And when are their fight stories, accidental face plant stories, and hot karaoke takes - all plural?!

Look no further. This was a JOY to capture:

So… Ben Hunt predicted and explained the Biden debate situation before it happened here, Ben followed it up with an excellent note (“Joe Biden and the Common Knowledge Game”) and we’re back with a post-debate conversation here! Oh, and I share a fun Beastie Boys story at the end too. Can’t end on a downer you know…

Rick Ferri is a household name in the finance industry. No problem if you don’t know him. He’s famous for his keep it simple stupid approach (and I very much appreciate this about him). Jack Forehand and I dissected a recent interview Jack did with Rick. For good measure, I also made Rick a Kiss playlist because why not.

Me thinking about Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

RIP Rob Stone (a name far too few will recognize, but a career every 90s kid at least will rememeber).

My non-obvious 4th of July Springsteen cover of choice.