Cultish Creative Weekly Recap (6/29/2024)

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Cultish Creative Weekly Recap (6/29/2024)

Life just doesn’t go in a straight line. Rusty Guinn could have been a Christian rock star, a video game music composer, a book author (oh wait, he’s about to be one of those) - and yet, he ended up an asset allocating apple farmer. Do you have questions? You should. These Intentional Investor episodes aren’t about investing money, they are about how we invest our time in relationships and experiences. Rusty’s story is remarkable. More notes here, and the episode is below:

There’s a new feature on the Cultish Creative YouTube channel too - I’m doing short (5ish) minute reviews, riffs, and the occasional other interview clip! Follow the playlist here:

In my latest Excess Returns appearance, I found myself proposing a new financial planning/portfolio theory concept called “The Brian McKnight Theory of Withdrawal Rates.” I can’t decide which journal I should try to publish it in first, but after revisiting the academic data, I can confirm it’s in need of some jams. Slow, fast, really just any pace of jam will do, but it needs something. Just over here doing my part:

Last YouTube for you, but we’ll get into some Presidential Debate stuff on Breaking News this week I’m sure, but just over a week ago we sort of hit the core of what we saw. This isn’t about what you should think. Candidly, I don’t really care who you support, I just care that you’re a kind person in your everyday life. These discussions are about breaking popular narratives down, to unpack why they’re using what communication tactics in an effort to get people out to vote. It’s all still disheartening, but I think it matters we have tools and words to discuss this stuff in public:

Posts from the week:

You should extend your vacation (a story from a friend about how he extended his).

Owning your career (reflections from Lindsey Bell’s TEDx) - share this with a young person, a manager/business owner person, anybody who’s looking at career paths.

If your art is criticized, you’re doing it right. It might hurt a little, but it’s true. H/t Victor Rice.