Cultish Creative Weekly (6/8/2024)

Trauma, growth, and growing up

Cultish Creative Weekly (6/8/2024)

But do you really need trauma to grow?


It’s just that - trauma comes in many different absolute forms, but it’s relative, resistive presence is what creates growth.

On Just Press Record, I got a 9/11 survivor and a person who thinks nothing truly bad has ever happened to him together to discuss. The results are… Well, they’re here. Listen/watch:

It was a crazy conference week - there’s a ton to discuss in the weeks ahead. You’ve been warned. But let’s also just say I’m really glad I got to review this “trauma” episode, in the good ways (!), after the experience I just had.

Growth. It’s some stuff. Holy emotional wringer people.

Fugazi and the “Merchandise” story is the ultimate know your values crossover to me.

Fred Armisen doing $5 punk cover shows makes me as happy as his comedy, which is saying a lot.

“Ice cream eating m***********s” is my favorite insult ever (or at least it is right now). It’s another Fugazi story. Post-Albini I seem to be obsessing a bit, and back to the growth point and the trend of these post topics, I am just now understanding why.